Champ Zarma Golf Spikes - Q Lok Pay Per Spike

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Champ Zarma Golf Spikes - Q Lok Pay Per Spike

Three material design that has an innovative soft cushion layer sandwiched between a durable traction layer and a rigid attachment layer. All three layers are held together using advanced polymer molding techniques. Lotus Technology uses compression to soften the impact of walking. This reduces spike pressure and creates a more comfortable experience for the golfer.

Includes 18 Golf Spikes

Shoe Brand Shoe Model/Year
Dexter All styles 2004 and after
Ecco All styles 2008 and after
Etonic All styles 2000 - 2003
Hi-Tec All styles after 2005
New Balance All styles
Nike All styles before 2010
Puma All styles before 2010
Snake Eyes All styles